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Where The Mystery Begins...and Love Takes Over Carol.L. Exline

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Discover the Mystery


     My first book, Screams In The Dark, kicks off the Woodmont Mystery Series with Cassie Grandville, who is an up and coming photographer struggling to make a name for herself and trying to leave her haunted past behind her. Only Cassie discovers it's easier said than done.
     As the twentieth anniversary marking the disappearance and alleged murder of her older sister nears, Cassie continues to have a reoccurring nightmare. In it, she relives that night of terror when at eight years old she tried to find her sister in the dark woods and almost became a victim herself.
    Only a stroke of luck and her uncle's timely arrival spared Cassie's life that unfortunate night. Now, twenty years later, someone has returned to finish the job. When strange things begin to occur in her own home and worse her husband doesn't believe her and insists she is imagining everything, Cassie calls her cousin, Roy, the current Police Chief of Woodmont.
    In turn, Roy Grandville seeks the counsel of retired Police Chief Sam Watkins who was there the night Lainey vanished and Cassie was almost murdered. Sam remembers that night vividly. He also has guarded information that has been kept under lock and key since the incident. The two men have a lot to discuss.
    After days and nights of hearing things being dragged overhead, music wafting through the house, her name whispered in the darkness, and items appearing and disappearing, Cassie is at the end of her rope. She waits for Roy to ride to her rescue while hubby keeps insisting that she needs professional help.
    Then something happens that forces Cassie to run. During a horrible thunderstorm, Cassie, securely locked in her special windowless room, tries to sleep. An incessant pecking noise wakes her. She opens her eyes to find a hideous distorted masked man peering down at her through the skylight.
    Feeling abandoned and alone, a terrified Cassie flees to the safety of her hometown.
    Meanwhile, Roy is driving as fast as he can to reach her after receiving enough evidence from Sam to prove the perpetrator is back and planning another murder.
    On her own, Cassie returns to the frightening and gloomy woods to once and for all stop the Screams In The Dark.

Where books can be purchased:
Screams In The Dark is the first in a series featuring the Grandville family and is available at: Lulu Press  & Amazon
ISBN# 978-1-4303-1330-4

Haunting Cries in the Mist is also available for purchase at: Lulu Press & Amazon

ISBN#  978-1-4303-1211-6

Secrets from the Grave  is now available for purchase at LuluPress & Amazon

Never Alone is now available for purchase at Lulu Press & Amazon 

Destiny's Deadly Web is now available for purchase at Lulu Press & Amazon.

Beware Of The Silent Footstep is now available for purchase at Lulu Press & Amazon 

Whispered Words of Death is now available for purchase at Lulu Press & Amazon

Forever Love — Never Ending Death is now available for purchase at Lulu Press & Amazon. 

Hidden In Darkness is now available for purchase at Lulu Press & Amazon.

Faces of Evil is now available for purchase at Lulu Press & Amazon.

Tears of Death is now available for pucrhase at Lulu Press & Amazon.

Haunting Secrets currently in editing.


Can't wait or want more information on release dates, book signings, email me at:

My second book, Haunting Cries In The Mist, was  featured in the July/August 2007 issue of Hagerstown: The Best of Life in Washington County & Beyond. With me in the column called Bookshelf are local authors: Nora Roberts and Dawne Raines Burke, Ph.D. A copy of the magazine can be ordered at the above link.



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