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Where The Mystery Begins...and Love Takes Over Carol.L. Exline

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Black Rose Warning

Black Rose Warning

Black Rose Warning

Part 1 - Roving Eye:Maggie writes from the visions in her head. Except Maggie's books are true and she's accused of having an informant. When she receives a bouquet of black roses, she knows it's a warning to stop writing. Her best friend disagrees and Maggie is soon running for her life.

Part 2 - Ebony Nightmare: Maggie dreams about looking down from a stone tower to see a body with twisted limbs, surrounded by blood and covered in ebony rose petals. The lure of a nearby castle has Maggie racing through secret passageways with a stalker hot on her heels.

Part 3 - Tattered Letters: Maggie puts away her laptop to refurbish a Victorian Mansion. A haunted piano, strange noises, skeletons in the closet and a ghost keep Maggie looking over her shoulder.

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