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Where The Mystery Begins...and Love Takes Over Carol.L. Exline

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Sweetheart Line

Introducing the new books in the Sweetheart Line

Secrets and Confessions

Book One of the new Sweetheart Line.

Tree of Buried Secrets: Julia has kept a dark secret buried deep in her heart for the last fifty years until she overhears a conversation. Is this the day she confesses about what happened the night when she and her true love were going to elope? She stares at the apple tree and remembers their love, their passion, their fate. (Named Book of the Week.)

Confessions: Brooke is alone at the local weekly newspaper where she works when she is kidnapped by alleged murderer, Kurt Brewster. He wants to tell Brooke the truth about the murders to publish in the paper. Sequestered in a cabin in the middle of the woods, Brooke discovers there’s a lot more to Kurt than anyone ever knew and she’s enjoying every minute of captivity. (Confessions is based on a true event.)

Romantic Interludes

Book Two in the Sweetheart Line features the following stories:

Fox In The Fog: Callie is an author who is positive that there’s no such thing as true love and writes dark stories to prove her point. On her drive home after a book signing, heavy rain and fog on the mountain cause her to pull over to wait it out. In the gray, she spots a red fox, no it’s a red headed child. Callie gives chase, but can’t find the child or the fox and gets lost in the swirling mist. She stumbles upon a cabin and a sick man. Can he help her find her way back to love?

Legend of Lady Rose: It’s All Hallows Eve. Local legend states if two lovers see the ghost of Lady Rose, they are truly in love and meant to be together forever. Alex and Maryanne sit in the cemetery to find out if the legend is true.

Again Next Year: Every Fall, Joy returns to the barn and the pond near her home place to relive the memories of her true love, Lonnie. Will he return for her this year?

Birthday Surprises: Even though it’s Melinda’s birthday, she has a surprise for Stuart. Everyone deserves a day showered by love and tempted by chocolate covered strawberries.

Shimmy, Shimmy, Coco-Bop: Meg overhears her husband tell the husbands of her two best friends that she is boring and predictable. The three women join forces to get even. First order of business - take belly dancing classes. The men have a fit. Game on.

Love In The Snow

Book Three in the Sweetheart Line, it features the following stories:

Snowballs of Love: Sally has her eye on the new neighbor who is quite a hunk. He doesn’t notice her at all. An errant snowball, a ten year old boy, and things liven up.

Snowy Rendezvous: Callie and Drew are caught on the mountain during a snow storm and find refuge in a chalet. Nothing like making love in front of a roaring fire, that is until other skiers arrive. Skiers who know about the secrets Callie should have told Drew.

Snowflake Ball: Fate has brought Angela and Luke back together. They were once high school sweethearts with plans to marry. Instead they went their separate ways. Now Luke’s company has taken over Angela’s family firm. Feelings of desire and love resurface, hot enough to melt the snow.

Blue Christmas: Meghan is sick and tired of sitting home alone and feeling depressed. It’s Friday night and she’s going to have fun. She drives to her favorite Club and is soon dancing in the arms of a very handsome man. His kisses warm her heart. Can he get her to forget her hate of Christmas and the reason why?

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