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Where The Mystery Begins...and Love Takes Over Carol.L. Exline

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Published book titles

"Always Listen For The Whippoorwill"


In book number two, Haunting Cries In The Mist: While trying to get a crib upstairs to the nursery, Cassie slips and falls down the steps of Grandville Manor or did she? Whatever happened, Cassie continues to hear the haunting cries of her baby. When Cassie starts sleepwalking and swears she's been attacked by a dead man, her cousin Roy urges her returns to work.

Cassie meets Clay Johnson who invites her to a Masquerade Ball. That evening was like a dream until Cassie spots the grim reaper and a clown. Before she can make a fool of herself by screaming, a handsome stranger, dressed like Prince Charming, rescues her. They dance in each others' arms like it was meant to be.

Clay arranges for Cassie to meet a very important man who will help launch her photography career, except Cassie is chased through an abandoned warehouse. After a phone call stating that Cassie was in danger, Roy and Sam Watkins rush to find her. As if that isn't enough, an intruder sneaks into Cassie's bedroom and they don't know how.

The men work frantically trying to unravel the meaning of the haunting cries and how the intruder entered Grandville Manor to poison Cassie and attack her.

If they don't hurry, no one will ever discover the meanings of the Secrets from the Grave.


Secrets From The Grave: Cassie's life is full and happy—she's living in her family home, Grandville Manor, and in her hometown of Woodmont. She has her daughter, her father, and cousins by her side.

In a split second, her world is turned upside down. Her husband Brad announces he's had enough of the constant intrigue, wants custody of his daughter, and has met someone else. Then the nightly dreams begin. Every evening Cassie's mother, Marie Grandville, sends visions showing her daughter how events really happened years ago. Cassie is allowed to see intimate details about her parents' lives. She sees numerous horrors her mother endured. If that wasn't enough, Cassie is given Journals written by her Aunt Nora. What the dreams don't tell Cassie, the Journals help to fill in the blanks.

To help take his cousin's mind off the turmoil, Roy talks Cassie into exploring the supposedly haunted Witherspoon Mansion.

Cassie loves the house and returns several times alone. Instead of being afraid, she is drawn to the house. Even hearing the screams for help, seeing a ghost, and the white banshees can scare Cassie away.

The handsome stranger from the Masquerade Ball returns and saves Cassie just as Brad slams her against building and his hand is tightening around her throat, ready to squeeze the life out of her. But who is this stranger? Does Cassie already know him? Is he an admirer of hers? Or is he the man who tried to attack her in her own bed?

So many questions and so many secrets are revealed that were once buried in the grave. Cassie is about to find out that what she believed to be true, never was, and it's safer if she's Never Alone.



Never Alone The mystery and surprises continue as Cassie, Roy and Sam welcome Adam into the family. With a new baby on the way, Cassie super sensitive to the energy around her. She hears a voice whispering over and over, “It wasn't me.”
Sam sees a tall dark stranger emerge from the fog and quickly disappear. Unsure whether the stranger is real or not, Sam worries. Could Marie be warning him?
Roy's new girlfriend isn't as sweet as she pretends to be, but she is smart. Leah makes sure no one sees her nasty sides, except for Cassie who is making sure she's never alone with Leah.
After the baby is born, Adam throws the entire family for a loop by suggesting they move into another house.
Sam frets that Marie's spirit won't appear to him in a strange home.
Cassie isn't sure she wants to leave Grandville Manor.
Roy refuses to join them unless Leah agrees. The voices won't stop and Cassie feels threatened. Maybe it's time to make a change and unravel Destiny's Deadly Web before it's too late.


  Destiny's Deadly Web:  Did Cassie's battle cost her a brother and a father? Cassie momentarily thinks her world can't get any worse, but she's wrong, very wrong. It's one simple question that almost sends her over the edge of sanity. When Adam looks around and asks her where she's hidden Sami, Cassie's living nightmare begins...

Bill's sisters, Ruth Ann and Dora, join the family. Both women harbor numerous secrets.

Dora is the eldest of the cousins and remembers things that none of them could possibly know.

Ruth Ann appears to be wacky, but there's a lot more to her than meets the eye.

Another player enters the mix, Hunter who proclaims to love Cassie, but does he?

The family is put to the test when Cassie is kidnapped. Cassie must remember to Beware of the Silent Footstep.


Beware of the Silent Footstep: Cassie finds a journal written by her sister Lainey. How did it get in Grandville Manor? Who put it there? Lainey?
Cassie struggles with the new information she discovers as old memories fight their way to be revealed. She's been warned to Beware of the Silent Footstep or she'll forever hear those Whispered Words of Death.


Whispered Words of Death: Cassie is faced with several life threatening situations and a couple she has complete control.
Roy and Bill go in search of answers. Next Sam receives a phone call requesting help, so he and Joey go off together.
When Dora is called away to help her sister, Ruth Ann, Cassie is left alone with four babies at Witherspoon. Adam afraid for her safety has her sent to a safe house.
Too late, Adam realizes he doesn't know where his wife and babies have been taken. If they are not careful, it'll be Forever Love -- Never Ending Death


Forever Love - Never Ending Death: One evening at Witherspoon, Cassie stands by the garden gate enjoying the gentle breeze when she hears her husband approaching and she smiles when he makes a low cat call.

He walks up behind her, wraps his arms around her, sighs deeply and kisses her neck. “We should stop,” she moans.

“I don’t care who sees us, because I love you so much, Cassie.” He tightens his hold on her and kisses her neck again.

Her eyes widen with fear. That wasn't Adam's voice. Before she can scream, the man clamps a hand over her mouth.


While shopping at the grocery store, Cassie is stopped by a woman and asked a question. “Are you Sam Watkins’ daughter?”


Lured to Grandville Manor, Cassie finds herself at the top of the stairs and threatened by a knife held by a madwoman. She screams, stumbles backwards, and reaches out for the banister to steady herself. Roy rushes up the remaining steps to make sure she doesn’t fall. Whether it was anger or hate, when Robin stumbles she takes Cassie and Roy down the stairs with her. All three land in a heap at the bottom of the gigantic staircase. A pool of red blood forms around their motionless bodies.

Bill tries to reach Grandville Manor, but flips the police cruiser. He is trapped inside the car when he loses consciousness.

The Grandville family members seem to be dropping like flies. Even she is getting chills.


Hidden In The Darkness: Sami has grown-up and the family has grown. Roy is married with a family as is Joey. Sami can't wait to attend the Grandson Police Academy.
Everything she's trained for since she was ten years old is put to the test. Her heart is also at risk. Cassie frets because she knows the vendetta has been waiting for Sami.
There are so many horrible things that can be hidden in the darkness.


Faces of Evil: For the first time in Samantha Grandville-Watkins Beecher's young life, she must leave the safety of her family and Woodmont to prove herself. 
After graduating top in her class at the Grandson Police Academy, Sami isn't prepared for the treatment from her colleagues at the Cumberland Police Department.
Nor is she prepared for being attacked, shot or being trapped in a burning building. It doesn't take her long to realize that evil has many faces and if she's not careful there will be many "Tears of Death" shed.


Tears of Death:  The Grandville-Watkins Beecher family experience severe highs and lows. Sami has committed her heart, but another man makes her wonder about her decision.

Most of the family has gone on a vacation when Cassie is in an accident. She's acting strange and not at all like herself. Can Cassie really hate lemonade and coffee? As if that isn't enough, someone thought dead returns.



Haunting Secrets:

As Sami fights through her personal heartbreak and being drugged, disturbing secrets begin to surface. This time it's not a Grandville-Watkins Beecher family secret, but deadly just the same.

Once again the family bands together to overcome overwhelming odds. It seems every step they take to move forward, they are knocked back three. Marie is on hand to even the odds for her family and for her true love—Sam Watkins.

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